Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Family Tree DNA

If you have done the Ancestry DNA test, you can transfer it to FamilyTreeDNA for a reduced price.  The transfer is actually free but you have to pay $39, or sign 4 other people up to unlock all the matches (It will show you your 20 closest but the functionality is limited.)  Anyway, I have had great success with the Ancestry DNA tests and I am looking forward to finding some matches on FTDNA as well.  I am one referral away from unlocking my Dad's test (Each person tested is a separate charge.) so if you have done the Ancestry test and have not used FTDNA, I'd appreciate it if you would use my referral link to do your transfer.  (You don't have to pay anything.)  Thanks in advance!

UPDATE: No referral links needed at this time. But I will need some shortly...

Family Tree offers a couple of specialized tests: Y-DNA (for males only) which strictly comes from your paternal line, and mitochondrial DNA (anyone), which comes from your maternal line only.  But their autosomal ("regular DNA") test is the same one Ancestry uses.

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