Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Toasts for Independence Day

In honor of Independence Day 2017, I give you this lengthy record of the toasts from an 1840 Independence Day celebration in Rockville, Alabama, which includes a toast from my 5th great uncle Reuben Blankenship, a Revolutionary veteran.

"The right of the humblest citizen to interrogate any candidate for office; honor exalted the station he aspires to, and the co-extensive obligation to answer directly and explicitly, one of the jewels won by the blood of '76, when surrendered by the People, the first step will be taken to tyranny and despotism."

The rest is interesting, toasts to Washingon, Lafayette, less remembered names like DeKalb, women, a lot of political toasts for and against various candidates, and several references to log cabins and hard cider.

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