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The Naramores of North Alabama - Origins

This post is meant to summarize the Nar(a)more family in Alabama.  The name Narmore originated in Devon in southwestern England as Northmore or Bynorthmore, and even today there are several Naramore families in that region.  yDNA tests (tracing the male line only) have confirmed relationships between several Nar(a)mores in America from different regions and the Northmore family in England.

The earliest family members to come to America were known as Narrimore, Naramore, etc.  (Spelling being quite fluid in those days.)  There is one “northern” branch around New England, and a “southern” branch that goes back to the Carolinas.  The Alabama Narmores, as you might expect, are from the southern Naramores, whose common ancestor seems to be Edward Naramore of Kershaw County, South Carolina (1735-1794).  He is possibly the son of William Narramore (b. abt. 1700) of North Carolina, but this is only conjecture based on no other Naramores being anywhere else nearby.

Children of Edward NARRAMORE 

1. EDWARD1 NARRAMORE  was born in 1735 in Camden, Kershaw, South Carolina, United States. He died on 03 Mar 1794 in Kershaw, South Carolina, United States.  In 1754 he was in the NC Royal Militia under Col. Harris. He married MARTHA MYERS. She was born on 1740 in Camden, Kershaw, South Carolina, United States. She died on 1795. 

Edward NARRAMORE and Martha Myers had the following children:

1.1. MARTHA2 NARRAMORE was born in 1760. She married WILLIAM KENNINGTON


1.2. Lt. JOHN NARRAMORE was born on 22 Jan 1762 in Camden, Kershaw, South Carolina, United States. He died on 11 Jun 1851 in Crossville, Cumberland, Tennessee, USA. He married (1) NANCY ANN ADKINS on 16 Oct 1803 in Knox Co., Tennessee, USA. She was born on 18 Aug 1775 in Flavanna Co., Virginia. She died on 05 Aug 1851 in Crossville, Cumberland, Tennessee, USA. He married (2) MARY WALKER on 25 Jul 1780 in Kershaw, South Carolina, United States. She was born on 14 May 1761 in Camden, Kershaw, South Carolina, United States. She died before 1803 in Knox, Tennessee, United States. 

Notes for Lt. John Narramore : 
His father had been a colonial British soldier, but John fought for the American side in the Revolution.  He received land in Crossville, TN for his service and had a large family.

1.3. WILLIAM NARRAMORE was born in 1763 in Camden, Kershaw, South Carolina, United States.

1.4. EDWARD NARRAMORE was born in 1764 in Camden, Kershaw, South Carolina, United States. He died after 1830. 

Notes for Edward Narramore: 
There are two Edwards in 1800 near each other. The first Edward died 1794 so there must be Edward II and III. Edward III could be a son or nephew of Edward II 

1.5. REBECCA NARRAMORE was born in 1768. She died in 1795.

1.6. ELI NARRAMORE was born in South Carolina, USA. He died after 1794.

The North Alabama family of Nar(a)mores I am describing here trace their ancestry to Joseph Naramore, who was born between 1790-1800.  Based on DNA matches, Joseph’s descendants (including my father) are related to some of Lt. John Naramore’s (son of Joseph) descendants.  But our Joseph can’t be one of John’s children since his children are named in his will and he has another Joseph.  So it is probable that our Joseph Naramore is a child of either William, Edward, or Eli above (no other candidates being known), and a grandson of William .

Note that there are some Alabama Naramore families that moved into the central part of the state in the early-mid 1800’s from Lt. John’s family.  Here I attempt to trace the family of Joseph which mostly stayed around Jefferson/Walker/Tuscaloosa Counties and also moved into Colbert County in the first 1-2 generations.  (After that, several moved north to Ohio/Michigan and a few moved west.)

Very little is known about Joseph.  He was born in the 1790’s.  His first documented appearance is his marriage to Delila Reid (1802-1879).  This record is the only place that Delila's maiden name appears.  Joseph next appears as a constable in Jefferson County, Alabama in 1826.  It is perhaps significant that the first sheriff of Jefferson County was a Levi Reid (beginning in 1819).  In 1830, he appears on the Walker County census.  In 1837, he (or perhaps his son Joseph) receives land in Tuscaloosa County from John Woodiel of Walker County.  Remember that name because it will be significant later.

Joseph and Delila's last child was born about 1836.  After 1837 there is no other record of Joseph, and his places of death and burial are unknown.

Delila appears on the 1850 census as Delila Woodell, living next door to several of her children.  How do we know this is her?  In 1852, the State Assembly of Alabama passed an act "solemnizing the existing marriage of John Wooddell and Delila Naramore" and exempting them from penalties of an illegal marriage.  The exact details of this arrangement we can only speculate about.  Perhaps one of the spouses abandoned the other.  Perhaps Joseph went missing or died but there was no evidence to prove he was in fact dead.  Anyway, as Delila lived near her children, we can presume that she was on good terms with them.

I know nothing about Delila's ancestry.  The presence of Levi Reid in Birmingham is suggestive of a relationship, particularly since they named a child Levi.  As a warning to researchers, there is also a Levi Laird Reid about the same age who moved from South Carolina to Mississippi but it does not appear to be the same person.  So I am interested in where Levi Reid came from.  He seems to be the same Levi Reid who was named as one of the first people to ship coal down the Warrior River.

In the next post, I will post what I know about Joseph and Delila's descendants.

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